What you should know about healing your new tattoo,
and things you should not use on your new tattoo:

1.  Never touch your tattoo without washing your hands first.
    (1a. Do not pick at scabs or flaking skin while healing.)
2.  No Vitamin E, or products that contain it.
3.  No Vitamin A & D  or any product with petroleum base.
4.  No Petroleum products, or anything which contains it.
5.  No Neosporin, No Bacitracin, No Antibacterial ointment.
6.  No Cortisone Products, or anything which contains it.
7.  No Aloe Vera Products, or anything which contains it.
8.  No Aquafur or Preparation H (both contain petroleum).
9.  No Vaseline, or anything that feels like it.
     (contains petroleum).
10. No Bag Balm (contains petroleum).
11. No Crisco, animal fat, lard, butter, vegetable oil.
12. No hair moisturizer, that's for hair, not tattoos!

What do we recommend?
1. Ink Fixx Ointment, or Lotion. (We sell this in shop.)\
2. Tattoo Goo Ointment, or Lotion.
3. Out To Sea Tattoo Healing Products.
4. Mineral/Baby Oil.
5. Lite, unscented hand lotion, like Keri or Lubriderm.
6. Udderly Smooth Lotion from CVS or Walgreens.

Whatever you use, use as little as possible. Less is better.

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