Learn the Fundamentals of Tattooing
Please read this section! Lenny (who has been tattooing since 1992) will be giving 3 months of training, 4 hours per session, once a week. The cost of this is $125 per session, ($32 per hour) for a total of $1,500 for the entire 3 months. She is using 21st Century training techniques, is an experienced adult educator who spent 10 years teaching advanced computer graphics in a technical college. These methods she brings to her tattoo training.

Do you want the potential to make up to $300 per hour as a tattoo artist, doing something you enjoy and look forward to doing? Do you want a life-time skill? A skill that could give you the ability to travel the world over practicing your craft, meeting other like-minded people? An exciting skill that makes work seem like play every day you do it?

Lenny doesn't promise to make you a skilled tattoo artist in just 3 months, because of course, that's impossible! But what she will do is give you a foundation in tattooing that will teach you how to tattoo, how to draw flash designs for tattoos, you'll get over $1,000 in professional flash art for reference and study, and practical experience in creating tattoo flash (artwork) and practice doing tattoos on a special media similar to human skin. (Not rubber practice skin.) At the end of 3 months you will be able to tattoo basic styles, you will start a portfolio for tattoos and one for tattoo art, and you will have a huge advantage in getting an apprenticeship in the tattoo shop of your choice. When you walk in with a portfolio of drawings you've completed, as well as tattoos you've completed during training, your chances of an apprenticeship will be greatly enhanced over the average person who walks in and just asks for training. We want motivated people who want to learn to tattoo a new way. You will work with a professional instructor in a small group.

Sign up now!! Limited to only 4 participants per workshop. Training takes place right in the studio during a day when the studio is closed.

(Please note, it takes a serious, highly motivated, artistic individual to excel in this training. You will be asked to present a dozen tattoo drawings during the initial interview for training application.)

Lenny is an award winning artist, and her studio has won Best of Tampa for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 (by the U. S. Consumer Association) as well as Circle of Excellence by Merchant Circle for 2012. Lenny has been in the same location for 8 years and her studio has a strong following of repeat clients who continue to refer family, friends and co-workers to her and the artists that work with her in the studio for custom tattoo work.

She is very concerned with the number of 'scratchers' working in our area (and the poor quality coming out of flea markets) and is determined through her training to help those who truly want to learn to tattoo, to learn to do it correctly, safely, and with all the advantages of learning from a professional, progressive tattoo artist. She, herself, tried to learn on her own when first starting out, and soon realized, that there was so much that simply could not be learned by teaching yourself. To make matters worse, trying to learn on your own, you develop bad habits that are extremely difficult to break, and many studios will not even talk to you if you say you are self-taught. She completed a 2 year apprenticeship under a skilled artist before entering the tattoo industry.

By taking this training, you will receive a solid foundation in the art of tattooing, you will learn to build tattoo machines and tune them, you will learn the basics of black and gray work as well as high color work. You will also receive a whole lot of professional tattoo design images (approx. $1,000 worth) to use as reference for building beautiful, modern, custom tattoos. You'll learn the inside scoop on how a tattoo runs, how to work with clients, the inner workings of a professional tattoo studio, how to price tattoos, and what to do when problems arise.

When you contact Lenny, she will email you the course outline, detailing what you will learn each week, the art supply list, a training contract and a non-disclosure agreement. Sign these, return them with your deposit (1/2 of the total charge) and this will reserve your seat for the next training session. The remainder is due upon attending the first training session.

If you are serious, motivated, artistic, then you are the perfect candidate for this training!


Art Supply List for
Tattoo Training Workshops

1 – 48 Pencils – Prismacolor Colored Drawing Pencils
2- Graphite Drawing Pencils Set of 12
3- Tracing Vellum paper 8.5” x 11” – 100 sheets
4- Artist 1st Drawing Pad 9” x 12” paper
5- Artist Sketch Board 15” x 16”
6- Graphite Tracing Transfer Paper
7- Erasers – Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser
8- Graphite Blending Stump
9- Prismacolor colorless blender
Artist’s Portfolio
11- Ruler
12- Circle Template
13- Ellipse Template
14- Artograph Light Box
15- Low Tack Tape
16- Highlighter & 2 Fine Point Sharpees
17- Dressmaker's Tape Measurer

18-Thermalfax stencil paper – 8.5 x 11” 15 - 20 sheets  (More details below)

Students can come to the studio and pay in advance for all their art supplies and all student's supplies will be ordered in advance by the studio for the student.

Sessions are held Sunday 6 pm-10 pm.

There are only 4 seats open for each session so each student will have close hands-on guidance from the instructor.

You will provide your own art supplies, to the left is the list of supplies you will need for the training. Obviously, if you have some of these, you will not need to re-purchase them. These supplies will most likely last about 1 year for the average artist.

The studio will supply your tattoo machines, power supply, clip cords, needles, and ink. At the end of 3 months, when you successfully finish the training, you can then purchase your equipment from the studio at a reduced cost. If you are interested, use our contact form to receive our course outline, training contract and non-disclosure agreement. The entire training fee must be paid in advance of starting the training. Sorry, we cannot take payments for this. Hurry, limited seats!

Follow your dreams and do it now! The tattoo business is booming and needs talented, dedicated artists to do fantastic work on a wide variety of people who all want something different. There is room for creative people and the income can be very rewarding as well as can be the work!

Art Supplies for Tattoo Training Workshops
48 Pencils – Prismacolor Colored Drawing Pencils. Dick Blick: 20508-4809 – Tin Box Set of 48: $33.99 plus shipping & handling
Graphite Drawing Pencils Set of 12. Dick Blick: 20464-0129 - $4.98 plus shipping & handling
Tracing Vellum paper 8.5” x 11” – 100 sheets. Dick Blick: 10513-2085 - $14.89 plus shipping & handling
Artist 1st Drawing Pad 9” x 12” paper. Dick Blick 12415-1023 – 50 sheets (purchase 2) - $2.46 ea. plus shipping & handling
Artist Sketch Board 15” x 16”. Dick Blick 22945-1007 - $8.57 plus shipping & handling
Graphite Tracing Transfer Paper. Dick Blick 12918-1009: Sally’s Graphite Transfer Paper, Box of 12: $16.29
Erasers – Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser. Dick Blick 21500-0000 : $0.80 ea plus shipping and handling
Graphite Blending Stump for softening graphite and blending. Dick Blick Set of 12 stumps: 22943-1212, 3/8” x 5” $3.08 plus shipping and handling
Prismacolor colorless blender. Dick Blick 20508-1010: $0.84 ea plus shipping and handling
Artist’s Portfolio. Dick Blick, Itoya Art Portfolio 9” x 12”, 24 pages with black inserts: $7.26 plus shipping and handling.
Ruler – Recommended “E” Ruler from Dick Blick 55421-1003 - $3.66 plus shipping and handling
Circle Template. Dick Blick Lg. Circle Template 55475-1008 $5.59 plus shipping and handling
Ellipse Template. Dick Blick Lg. Ellipse Template 55475-1000 $5.41 plus shipping and handling
Artograph Light Box for tracing. Dick Blick 10” x 12” – 55315-1003 $29.99 plus shipping and handling
Low Tack Tape – Home Depot Purple lo-tack painter’s trim tape. $1.00 - $2.00
Highlighter and 2 Fine Point Sharpees – Staples under $5.00
Dressmaker’s Tape Measurer – Sewing Store or WalMart under $5.00 for measuring around body parts.
Thermalfax stencil paper – 8.5 x 11” Each student will need approximately 10-15 sheets of this. The studio sells this at $1.00 per sheet. One sheet can be used to make several small designs for transfer. You can buy this as you need it in the training studio.
P.S. It is wise to get a sturdy box, like a small tool box that can hold all these items so they won’t become damaged by being carried around. Best price may be $1 store.
Dick Blick sells a nice cardboard art storage box: item 15303-2055 11” x 14” x 2” to hold art supplies cost: $11.49 plus shipping and handling
You can order these items yourself online at Dick Blick, (www.dickblick.com) who has the lowest prices we have found or you can pay the studio to order them for you. These items will be needed for the first training session and each session thereafter. These items should also be available locally from Michaels, or AOE supplies on north 56th Street in Tampa. Prices and selections will vary.
Total cost of art supplies needed is approx. $175.00 not including shipping and handling.

(Note to anyone interested in taking this training to a full 9 month technical training program approved by the State of Florida, Department of Education: partners are wanted to develop this program to it's fullest and become one of the best training options available to future tattoo artists. Contact Lenny via our online contact form. There is a lot of work to be done and it's more than I have time for single-handedly, contact me if interested. Already the ground work of basic development is in progress, but I need help!!)

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