Thinking of gauging/stretching your ears?

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How to Gauge/Stretch Your Ears

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Clear Blue - Single Set Clear Blue - Double Set
Neon Blue - Single Set Neon Blue - Double Set
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This is a custom order item and may take up to 30 days to reach you. Please be patient when you order.
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Because these tapers are acrylic, and
therefore lightweight, you can wear these day
and night, as long as you wish, unlike the
metal tapers that are only good for stretching
and should not be worn on a regular basis.

We strongly advise you to always wash your hands
before attempting a stretch. Also using a warm,
moist compress (like wet a clean paper towel and
microwave it until just comfortably warm) on your ears
for 5-10 minutes before attempting the stretch
will make it easier for you and make the skin more easily stretched. Also do not skip steps
and realize the larger the gauge, the larger the step
between sizes, so take your time and go slowly.

Make your Stretching/Gauging Easier with Jojoba Oil!
This oil is wonderful to be used during the stretching process and during the healing process. All natural lubricant similar to vegetable oil but with better healing properties! Be sure to get some to make your gauging experience easier and more successful. Promotes healing and makes the process more comfortable.
Large or Small Size Jojoba Oil

Read Stretching/Gauging Instructions here.


We still strongly suggest Sea Salt soaks 3 times a day during the healing process.
Wash your hands thoroughly before starting!
Clean tapers with alcohol thoroughly before inserting to decrease risk of exposure to bacteria and germs.

Take a small, clean cup or shot glass, and fill with warm water (WE PREFER DISTILLED WATER), add a small pinch of iodine free Sea Salt, soak stretched ear for 5 minutes, (without stretching taper in place, so the Sea Salt will get to the inside of the hole) then rinse with NON-SALTY, clean water and replace the stretching taper.

If stretching both ears, clean cup or glass with warm, soapy water before doing the other side and refill with fresh, warm water and a pinch of Sea Salt. It is important to NOT use the same liquid on both ears because this can transfer germs and cause problems. It can also lead to transfer of infection, if present.

Only use a small pinch of Sea Salt, the goal is not to make salt water, but rather to raise the Ph of the water, so more is not better and may irritate the stretched/gauged ear. Only touch your gauges with clean hands!

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