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1. Where can I find tattoo designs and ideas online?
2. How can I get a custom tattoo designed for myself?
3. How do I tattoo myself?
4. How do I pierce myself?

5. Why won't you tell me how to tattoo or pierce myself?
6. If I want to go into the military or law enforcement, what is allowed?
7. How to Gauge/Stretch Your Ears/Piercing
1. Try visiting these sites:
Bullseye Tattoos
Tattoo Finder
Tattoo Johnny
Skin U
Cherry Creek Designs
Jenny Clarke Designs
Tattoo 22
Spaulding Rogers

Body Mody
Rate My Ink
Tattoo Me Now
I Stock Photo
Drawing Factory
Tattoo Match

Tattoo Me Now
Rate My Ink
Create My Tattoo
Tattoo Designer
APM Body Jewelry

2. The first method is to come to our studio and discuss in person what you would like. We'd be happy to design a tattoo just for you. And we promise, once it's on you, we will never sell this design to anyone else!
The second method is go to:
http://www.tattoodesigner.net and post your project there. Many talented artists are putting their skills to work for you and will be happy to assist you. We do not suggest you have your friend, cousin, brother, child design your tattoo because they do not understand the complex artistic concepts we work into every tattoo.

3. We strongly suggest you do not try tattooing yourself. There are several reasons why, and here are some of them:
   A. You are not a trained professional and do not know the proper depth the needle must be inserted into the skin to properly get tattoo ink to stay in the skin.
   B. You are not a trained professional and do not know the necessary steps for avoiding the spread of germs and disease during the tattoo process.
   C. You are not a trained professional and do not know how to correctly use the equipment required to tattoo professionally.
   D. You are not a trained professional and do not know the proper way to design and plan a professional tattoo for your body.
   E. You are not a trained professional and you risk scarring yourself as well as ending up with very poor looking tattoos that will invariably need to be removed, covered up, or fixed (which in most cases is a lost cause, due to the poor original work - many artists refuse to work on this kind of project because they do not want their reputation tarnished by unprofessional tattoo work.)
   F. You are not a trained professional and do not understand the concepts of color contrast, shading, placement, sizing, and overall design to make a professional tattoo on a human body.
   G. You are not a trained professional and by giving yourself a home-made tattoo you are ultimately proclaiming to the world that you are too cheap to get your tattoo work done professionally. (It is evident to those of us who are professional tattoo artists that this is one of the main reasons untrained people tattoo themselves.) I could go on, but I think you get my point!

4. We strongly suggest you do not attempt to pierce yourself. Why? Here are some of our reasons:
   A. You are not a trained professional and risk your health and very life by attempting the piercing. There are very strict guidelines we follow to avoid contamination and the spread of germs and diseases, prescribed by the Hillsborough Health Department, the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) as well as our own experience in the piercing field as professionals.
   B. You are not a trained professional and do not have knowledge of the internal structures of the body and risk serious damage to yourself by attempting a self-piercing.
   C. You are not a trained professional and do not have access to the industry-standard manuals we use to guarantee that correct size, gauge, and type of jewelry is used in every piercing.
   D. You are not a trained professional and do not have access to the professional tools and supplies used to guarantee the best possible piercing.
   E. You are not a trained professional and risk having crooked, misplaced, misgauged, poor quality piercings.

5. We do not share this information because we believe it is in the public's best interest to only use a professionally trained and experienced tattoo artist and/or piercer for your body modifications.

6. Lately, we have been getting a lot of requests to remove tattoos so someone can enter the military or the law enforcement field. Because of this, I'd like to explain what they will accept and what they will not.

--A. Tattoos: cannot be on the face, hands, neck, head or scalp. If in doubt, don't do it! Some areas also have a problem with tattoos below the short sleeve level of the arm.

--B. Tattoos: which are prejudicial to good order, discipline, morale or are showing nudity, symbolize sex, gender, racial, religious, ethnic or national origin discrimination, or that advocate or symbolize gang affiliation, supremacist or extremists groups or drug use are prohibited.

--C. Tattoos, brands, scarification, implants that are visible in uniform are frowned upon and may keep you from getting into any military branch or any section of law enforcement, including but not limited to local police departments, sheriff's department, FBI, CIA, NSA, or other security/legal entity in this country. Think before you ink!

   A. Women are allowed one hole in the ear lobe of each ear. All other piercings are forbidden and you will be asked to remove any visible ones.

   B. Piercings for guys are a big NO-NO. No piercings are allowed on men anywhere. Be prepared to remove all of them.

   C. Branding, implants and scarification are not allowed at all. If you are in a sorority or fraternity, don't let them brand you! You never know what the future may bring. Err of the side of caution for all body mods.

7. At Addicted 2 Tattoos, we are happy to help you stretch your piercing. If you insist on doing it yourself, we sell stretching kits that range from 14 gauge up to 00 gauge. We will be carrying larger sizes in 2011. If you want information about do-it-yourself, click this link:
How to Gauge/Stretch Your Ears

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